A camera didn’t make a great picture anymore than a typewriter makes a great novel.
— Peter Adams

There are many times a shot from the sky can add so much to the story of your listing. We already know that home buyers are on Google & Bing maps checking out the birds eye view, why not give them a more recent shot from that angle that shows your listing in the best light.

1835 NW 60th Ct - Web-117.JPG

This package includes all the photography in the standard package and adds aerial stills to the mix. Several of the shots will have the listing property featured and the surrounding areas grayed out. This really puts the focus on your listing.

Standard Real Estate Photography Package with Aerial Stills

  • Minimum of 35 photos

  • High Quality files for printing

  • Compressed files for web publication

  • At least 10 aerial stills with varying altitude and angles

  • Guaranteed NEXT DAY Turnaround

  • I'm a licensed and Insured Remote Pilot - Hire with confidence in your clients best interest
    *This is important, you could be fined $11,000 for hiring or operating a drone without proper licensing (see more.)

All for just $149.95

*Price good for any location within 45 miles of Gardner, KS. Contact for quote beyond that distance.

90 minute turnaround

Is time a major factor? Do you need the photos RIGHT NOW? Add this option for $74.95 and you'll receive the finished photos no later than 90 minutes after photography at the property took place. Utilizing my "mobile studio" and WiFi you can have photos in your possession before noon with a 9:00 AM shoot.

As an added bonus, the photos will be taken by an active Realtor. This has several benefits...

  1. I have an iBox key and do not need you to meet me for access

  2. I may have a buyer for the home you have for sale

  3. I know which photos are important and most effective