About us


My name is Bryan Tobiason, and I'm the founder of KC Home Photography as well as an active Residential Realtor in the Kansas City Market. To the left, there is my lovely family and motivation :)

I received my KS and MO real estate licenses in April of 2008, and by November of that same year, I was a full-time Realtor. It's my experience that there are two main reasons many listings fail to sell. The first is an incorrect price and second is poor photography.

In 2010 several agents from my office liked the photography on my listings, and they asked me to take their photos too. I started working for just a few agents and as more and more Realtors asked... "who took your listing photographs?" a new business was born.

While any photographer can create stunning images, there's a massive advantage to using an active and successful Realtor. I know what buyers want to see in photography.

The next time you need great photography for your marketing, call KC Home Photography to let me show you why I have more than 135 agents that call me their photographer along with a few property management firms as well.