How Do I Schedule a Shoot?

You can click the order button on any of our package pages, or contact us directly by phone at 913-735-5748 or email to schedule a time. Typically with more notice there is more flexibility and sometimes we have same day availability. Just ask!

How is Payment Handled?

You will receive an invoice payable online along with a set of proof photos. Once you've reviewed the proof set and are satisfied, simply pay the online invoice and you'll have full access to the photos without watermarks. Typically in less than 15 minutes between 8:00 AM and 9:00 PM. If your payment comes through after 9:00 your access to the photos may wait until morning. If there are concerns about quick turnaround there is an option to pay up front.

How Will I receive the photos?

I utilize both Google Drive & Dropbox. I have also hand delivered a CD if that's necessary. Though most clients use Dropbox or Drive. I'll set up a folder with your name and every project you hire me for will have a subfolder under that. I send Proof Photos when ready and then (almost immediately) after payment I allow access to the full non watermarked photos.

How does the guaranteed turn around time work?

We offer a 24 hour or less turn around time. If for any reason we fail to deliver the proof set to you within 24 hours of the scheduled shoot time, there will be no charge for your photos.

How Many Photos will I receive?

However many I take. The average shoot yeilds 48 photos though some larger homes will see more than 100 photographs. I do not have a maximium number of photos provided.

Do you edit the photos?

All photos are processed and enhanced. They'll be brightened up, color corrected and straightened. Some light editing is typically done automatically, such as removing a small blemish in the wall or other "easy" fixes. For additional charges heavy photoshop work can be completed. HOWEVER, it's much easier to have the house prepared for photography rather than do a bunch of post production.

Do you do before and after photos for rehab projects?

Yes indeed. Plus there is a special price for that service. Giving buyers a stark visual of how much work has been done can really help move your flip project quickly. I've also seen before and after photos help justisfy things in the eyes of an appraiser.

What's your covereage area?

45 miles from Gardner, KS. This incorporates a lot more of the city than it sounds like. I go to Liberty and almost Topeka with no additional charge. Typically the trip charge is $28 for distances beyond 45 miles.